A Match Made in Vegan


Since we have been able to offer customised labels printed on a biodegradable material we have been contacted by an enormous amount of new customers, literally from across the world. Although these customers come from all countries and variety of industries, including food and drink, public organisations, charities, clubs, health, beauty and gifts, they have one thing in common. They all believe promoting their products and services with biodegradable labels is the least they can do for the planet.

Introducing Vitally Vegan


This is very true for a new customer we have recently had the pleasure to work with. Vitally Vegan is a new brand of Vegan Protein Powders which are 100% plant-based. They actively promote ethical living and working with us for compostable labels was paramount in following this ethic through their branding and packaging.

We spoke to Victoria Zoutewelle who is the Managing Director and founder of Vitally Vegan, to ask a little more about her new product range and her experience with biodegradable labels and working with us. Here are her words:

Who is behind Vitally Vegan?

I myself am behind the brand. Being Vegan myself I wanted to start making a change from the inside as I like to say! Converting people from drinking whey protein/dairy products to a plant-based diet. I have a long term plan for Vitally Vegan and the protein formulas are just the beginning.

When did you first start formulating this concept?

One year ago to the day pretty much. I decided I wanted to change the way people view breakfast and the Vegan lifestyle. Show people why turning to a plant-based diet is not hard and more importantly so beneficial for all species and our planet.

Biodegradable Label Design

What were the ups and downs of setting this up?

There have been many, from formulation to eco-friendly packaging. The formulation of the product, was one of the hardest going back and forth and adjusting the ingredients each time to ensure we had a great product.

How Did You Find inkREADible?

One of my staff found you on google and instantly connected with you on our first telephone call, we decided then you were the company we wanted to use.

Did you test the labels before you ordered?

As soon as the samples arrived, we loved them and the texture. We were 100% happy with the quality and finish of the labels, they were exactly what we wanted for the brand.


Are you happy with our service?

Yes 100% Linda has been brilliant, very efficient and delivered on time and went over and above to help us.

Would you recommend us to others looking for biodegradable labels?

Yes most definitely. And we will be re-ordering very shortly too!

To find out more about Vitally Vegan, click here.

Choose Inkreadible for Biodegradable Labels

If you, like Victoria, want your product or service to stand out as an environmentally conscious brand, then it is time to make the move to biodegradable labels.

Changing to eco-friendly compostable and biodegradable labels can not only help reduce the impact on the environment but it can show that your company is forward thinking and aware of their responsibilities to the environment.

To find out more about biodegradable labels, click here.