The Biodegradable Boom!

Biodegradable Compostable Label Examples

Since we were able to promote a biodegradable (compostable) label alternative to our customers we have seen this area of our business grow rapidly and more and more environmentally conscious companies are choosing to go green.

It is fair to say that biodegradable labels won’t work for everyone and every product. Thought needs to be given to where the labels will be used and if they can withstand the conditions. From what our customer are saying, it seems that biodegradable is definitely working for some and we thought we should share our customer experiences for those who are looking to make the change.


A relatively new customer of ours, Zoe, founder of Butterbelle, who produces handmade net and seed butters, is very enthusiastic about using biodegradable labels, here is what she had to say on the subject:

Why was going biodegradable so important to your brand?

“Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do here at Butterbelle. Many consumers and retailers are asking questions about the green credentials of the products they buy and although this should naturally extend to the labels, it's often an area where companies inadvertently fall down. We wanted to make sure we weren't one of them, so we were pleased to discover that inkREADible could offer us the biodegradable begasse material we were looking for to compliment our glass jars.”

Are you pleased with the quality of the biodegradable label?

“We were thrilled with the results...the natural finish of the material perfectly compliments our branding and the labels are extremely robust. We've had great feedback from customers.”

Would you recommend biodegradable labels?

“I'd advise anyone considering making the move to biodegradable labels to take the leap and shout about it from the rooftops...the world is going green and as food manufacturers we need to keep up!”

Meat Salt Smoke 

We asked one of our existing customers, Katie Cullen of Meat Salt Smoke, how they felt about making the choice to use biodegradable labels for their new product:

Why have you made the move to biodegradable?

“We decided from the start to use biodegradable labels. As a producer it’s important for us to be as ethically and environmentally minded as possible - we all need to do our bit, especially producers.”

Are you happy with the quality of the biodegradable label?

“Yes, we really like the texture and stickiness to them. The print quality is excellent too.”

Any advice for people thinking of going biodegradable?

“Do it, why wait when you have the ability to make a difference?!”

Conscious Skincare

Rebecca from Conscious Skincare also wanted to make the move to biodegradable labels but for some of their products this type of label wasn’t suitable, here is what Rebecca told us:

What issues have you had with biodegradable labels?

“We have started the move over to biodegradable labels as our mantra has always been 'leave no trace' and biodegradable labels are a step in that direction.

The quality has been good so far but brought its challenges too. The good, is the quality and thickness of the paper label, ensuring the high end look we try to achieve with our packaging. The challenges are working with the adhesive and how it doesn’t like certain surfaces at certain temperatures. Also, the limitations of these paper based labels in that we could not use them for our body products. Plus, when going from coated to uncoated finishes, the impact that can have on colour and so you can risk some inconsistency across ranges.”

What would you advise when choosing biodegradable labels?

“Our advice to anyone else would be to assess the scenarios where the labels would work best, and at least make a start with using biodegradable labels!”

Could biodegradable labels work for you?

If you are not sure if biodegradable labels will work for your packaging then why not put them to the test! We will happily send out a sample pack for you to test before you make any hasty decisions. Click here to go through to our Sample Pack Request Form, on receipt of this we will quickly send you out a pack.

Want to know more about what makes up biodegradable labels?

If you want to know more about the material used, the European Standards they conform to, temperature ranges and shelf life, just click here for more information.